Most people’s idea of time inside a tipi would nowadays be confined to some sort of leisure activity, it being a fantastic venue for a kids party, or a holiday home for week or two, but let us not forget the people who still live their day to day lives in them. They may be few and far between, but those hardy people still exist across the world who would call a tipi their main residence, not only enjoying beautiful summers but staying for the cold, wet winters as well.

We are familiar with the “glamping” sites across the UK-
eco-tourism as near to nature as you dare or with five star luxury facilities a stone’s throw away, and these are all good to become acquainted with tipis with all the support to make your stay as special as possible.

Hiring a tipi allows you to feel more at home and personalise your space without the intrusion of others, whether it be for one night only, say a honeymoon suite for a wedding or a party, or for as long as you like if you have the right site.
Whether it’s a fishing lodge, tucked away in the woods, in the school grounds or right in your back garden, the tipi makes a spectacular addition to your activity.

If you find yourself enjoying the surroundings and wish to own your own, remember that a good quality tipi will last you a lifetime if looked after, and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one…